Carletti Architects

Carletti Architects, P.S.

"Creative design solutions for complex issues"

Firm Description

Carletti Architects is an energetic, design-oriented firm of (7) seven talented individuals, which provides architectural, interior design and planning services to a variety of public and private clients. We strive to provide direct principal involvement seldom matched by other firms. Our knowledge of the entire development process, from acquiring financing to managing the construction process, allows us to assist clients in satisfying budget, aesthetic and functional issues.

Our firm, established in 1997, has excellent working relationships with numerous local contractors and municipalities throughout Skagit, Island, and Whatcom Counties, and the greater Seattle/Tacoma area. These relationships allow us to streamline the permitting process and save our clients valuable time. Open communication between the Carletti team and outside sub-consultants minimizes risk and reduces errors on the drawings and deliverables which our design team produces.

Design Philosophy

We listen to our clients first and foremost. Architectural design is an associative process of solving many interwoven issues. The design team must balance the visionary process with cost, constructability, functional and environmental issues. Our belief is the best projects are a culmination between the architect and the owner as equal partners. Due to conscientious design efforts, our projects enrich the neighborhoods in which they are located, and create economic value for our clients.

Services Offered

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